What exactly do we do? We simply buy cars. We will take any type of car you want to give us. It doesn't matter what sort of condition the car is in. We will take it all. We will take new cars. We will take used cars. We will take old and run-down vehicles, the ones that have not been on the road in years, We deal with them all.

Some of you might be wondering why you should come to us. There are other companies who offer the same type of service. What makes us so special?


This happens a lot in our line of work. Clients want to come in and make a clean break of things. Maybe they just can't keep up with the payments anymore. Maybe the car was a gift from someone. Due to a breakup, maybe the client doesn't want the car anymore.

This is where we come in. Just hand the keys over to us. We will give you the cash upfront. Some prefer to have it deposited to a bank. We can do this too, we prefer to give you the cash upfront.

Once the money exchanges hands, you are clean and clear. You can walk away from the situation. What happens after that doesn't have to be your concern. You can walk away knowing you have a few extra bucks to spend.


We have been doing this for a very long time. We know what each car is worth. We know how to judge a car's value. We will be upfront with you about the worth. After that, you can take it or leave it.

Our cash value is based on solid market leanings. We also go by what the blue book value is at the present time. We will offer a fair deal on any car you give us, no matter what the condition is. If we feel your car is worth $5,000, we will give that amount to you.

Unloading a car can be a stressful time for anyone, we don't care how experience you get with it. We will work to reduce this stress. Please give us a call today. If you have a car to unload right now, you can't afford to wait another second.

You can find our company in the business pages. You can also find us online. Better yet, just drop in. Talk to us about your car first, even before you bring it in. We will take it from there.

Give us a call today!