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We offer cash for cars in the Davis area because we know there is nothing you can do with that old beat up car. It is just an eye sore that has been sitting there forever, but you kind of get used to it. Then one day you have to get rid of it, or you decide you can get some cash for it. Please call us today at (530) 338-3949 to make sure that you get a price for the car, and we will walk you through the whole process. We take the cars, and we give you the cash

Cash For Any Car

Literally any car, or junk car is up for grabs when we pay cash for it. We just want to know what kind of car you have. We are going to ask you some preliminary questions when you call us, and we will get to work on a price for the car. We have a pretty big office that can help you, and we will make sure that you are pleased with the price you get. We work really hard to give you a good price, and then we move forward.

We Schedule On Your Schedule

We have no interest in turning your schedule upside down, and we do not want to make you feel like you cannot schedule with us because we have no time. Tell us when you are free, and we will work something out that makes sense for you and for us. We will also make sure that you get the cash when we show up. You do not have to stand there in a four to eight hour window waiting for us to appear out of nowhere to get the car from you.

We Pay Only Cash

We hand over cash for the car when we pick it up so that you know we are legit. We have no reason to stiff you, but we know that some people have had problems in the past. We get past that by making sure that you get cash for the car that you are giving us. We think that makes a lot more sense, and we know that you will appreciate that when we are done with the process.

We Move Fast

We move fast to make sure that we get the car from you, and we will not make you wait. We can schedule appointments on the same day in some cases, and then the car is off your hands. The car is just something that you do not have time to deal with, but we can make sure that it goes away so fast you will not even know what happened.

Our plan is to give you the cash you need for the car you do not want. The car could be so old it does not even move, but we have a plan for it. Call us today to plan to get the cash you need for that old car.

One last note that we wanted to inform our customers about is that presently we are only purchasing cars in the Davis area (including nearby places). But, we don't purchase cars in areas like San Diego. We'd be more than happy to pass on a recommendation though for a great car buying service in your area. Typically, how we go about this is checking out review sites like yelp and finding a service with excellent reviews. So, if you were to want to sell a car in San Diego yelp showed us which has 36 great reviews. So, just check like that in your area and you'll surely find a company local to you that can buy your car.